Next Tuesday, December 20th, Centerville will be hosting the Clarke Indians in a Middle School Boys BB game.  Rather than playing at their MS gym at the 4:15pm regular time, we will be providing opportunities for the Lakeview K-5 Classes and starting this game at 1pm and playing it at Lakeview Gym so classes can come and watch.  We are in the very initial stages of seeing how we could make this concept work here at Clarke.

Many elementary students have likely never seen an organized basketball game. This is a great opportunity for these kids to have some fun, cheer on the teams and get them excited about being in extracurricular activities when they get to high school. There will be a National Anthem and team introductions to make it feel just like a varsity game. 

We know this is not ideal for parents with a 1pm start, so, The Pitch (GoPitchTV on Facebook) has graciously agreed to broadcast both games.  

For those who CAN attend, it should be an AWESOME environment with 400-500 screaming k-5 fans cheering.

Admission is free for this game, but there will not be a concession stand.
The schedule is
1pm- 8th Grade Boys A Game only
2pm - 7th Grade Boys A Game only