December 16, 2021

Clarke CSD Families:

Our school districts recently learned of an anonymous, nationwide threat against schools that is being shared on social media outlets such as TikTok. The general threat toward all U.S. schools declares Friday, Dec. 17, as “American School Shooting Day.” The posts warn about the possibility of nationwide shootings or bomb threats associated with this day.

There has been no threat made toward central Iowa schools, but area schools, including Clarke CSD, have reached out to law enforcement to vigilantly investigate whether there are any local connections to these social media posts. At this time, law enforcement has not acquired any evidence that would deem these threats as credible in our area. Out of an abundance of caution, our schools will be in close contact with law enforcement throughout the day on Friday. 

Please take this opportunity to talk with your students about the appropriate use of social media, and the seriousness and resulting consequences of making any kind of threat. Encourage your students to speak with you or an adult at school if they see or hear something so immediate action can be taken. In addition, if anyone in our community sees something suspicious, please report it to the school immediately or call local law enforcement.

I am not writing to sensationalize anything or cause unnecessary concern, but area schools agreed that we wanted to do similar messaging. Our students’ safety is our top concern, and we appreciate the support and partnership of our families.



Alan R. Dykens, EdD