The 2021-22 Winter Seasons are underway.  The Middle School basketball teams have started this past week with the High School teams getting underway when we get back from Thanksgiving Break.

The most effective way to track schedules is to utilize our SCC Calendar website: https://www.southcentralconf.o...

This gives you everything you need to keep up on the schedules for all Middle School and High School activities.  When we make changes to the schedules in the Activities Office, we use this site.  No need to call our office to see if a game is going to be postponed or cancelled.  

Sign up for the reminders for specific sports within this site and you'll know of any changes seconds after I make the change in my office.

We will also be livestreaming games/matches in our High School gym again this year.  The exact format will be released next week as we undergo some technology tests to ensure we are set up to offer, not only video feeds, but also play-by-play audio. Stay tuned for that announcement.