We are excited to have our 2021-22 campaigns off to a flying start this week.  The Cross Country and Volleyball teams have already competed and our Football team and Marching Band are next. 

As you can see in the picture, our newly remodeled and upgraded bleachers are almost complete.  Like many things these days, we had to wait a little bit longer for some materials to be shipped than what we were planning on.  The bleachers will be ready to go, but unfortunately the ramp will not be.  If one is in a wheel chair or walker and needed to sit in the bleachers, we will try to accommodate you by either allowing you to sit on the track or being able to drive your vehicle around to the SW corner.

The bleachers will be fully up to code and for once, I will not worry about someone falling through the bleachers.  We look forward to having the ramp being completed before our next Friday night football game. This improvement has been needed for many years.

We also have some concrete being poured on the outside of the football/track complex to hook up the city's walking trail from Q Pond to the rest of the trail that goes through town.  This means our far south gate is not going to be usable.  

For an online calendar of all activities, please use the following link. https://www.southcentralconf.o...