In the past five years, the Clarke Athletic Booster Club has purchased or donated over $157,178 to Clarke athletics and other Clarke programs.  They do this so our teams get new uniforms and equipment on a rotational basis.  The CABC is wanting to do more, but they need both more members and more memberships.  If you can't donate money for a membership, maybe you'd be willing to donate some time.

The following is a list of purchases since 2016: 

Bowling Bags = $1,459.00; Bose Sound System = $2,000.00; Upgrades to Weight Room = $2,483.00; End Zone Cameras = $2,500.00; Strength & Conditioning Coach = $2,500.00; Football Trailer = $2,583.00; Senior Banner = $4,202+; Concession Stand Upgrades = $5,600.00; Athletic Mower = $5,716.00; Donations to organizations & clubs = $7,375.00; Scoreboard = $57,000.00; Uniforms = $57,000.00; Donations to Clarke Athletic Dept. = $8,760.00

A bulk of their income is generated by running the concession stands throughout the year.  Please remember that when you are at games, but also reach out to them if you are willing to help out with concessions.  

As with many organizations, it's a few people that do everything.  Let's get more involvement during the 2021-22 school year. People say that T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More, but I like to add only if... Total Effort, from All Members.

If you would like to be a CABC member, they've made that easier with online memberships.


On behalf of the Clarke Activities Department and all of our teams and programs that have benefited from the CABC...WE THANK YOU!!!