Clarke 7-8 Band Solo Festival Outstanding Performers

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, several Clarke 7-8 Band Members opted to participate in the Clarke Solo Festival.  These band members rehearsed their musical selections and then performed their pieces for a judge.  This year, the judge was Brad Lampe, the former Clarke High School Band Director and current Clarke Instructional Coach.  First, he listened to each performance.  Immediately afterward, Mr. Lampe offered positive feedback to each performer, as well as suggestions for improvement.  Band members earned a rating based upon their performance.  After the festival, each performer also received a written ballot from the judge and an award ribbon.  The ratings for all of the participants are included below. 

Division I+ Ratings (Highly Superior)

Alicia Davalos – Flute Solo

Micah Domina – Snare Drum Solo

Emily Glenn – Trumpet Solo

Casey Wade – Alto Saxophone Solo


Division I Ratings (Excellent)

Easton Brokaw – Baritone Solo

Lily Eggman – Clarinet Solo

Savannah Henderson – Tuba Solo

Moyra Hicks – Clarinet Solo


Division I ̶  Ratings (Great)

Jonathan Galvez – Trumpet Solo


Division II+ Rating (Very Good)

Mylee Miller – Trumpet Solo


Division II Ratings (Good)

Janie Antoine – Flute Solo

Tommy Courtney – Trumpet Solo

Addison Franklin – Clarinet Solo


Division III Rating (Fair)

No Division III Ratings were given by the judge.


At the end of the evening, Mr. Lampe recognized the outstanding performers of the festival.  These special awards were given to Micah Domina – 8th grade snare drum solo, Casey Wade – 7th grade alto saxophone solo, Alicia Davalos – 7th grade flute solo, and Emily Glenn – 7th grade trumpet solo.